Frequently Asked Questions
How much do you charge for 1 page?

Our prices depend on language pair, subject matter, text length, imposed deadline and other special requirements.
Please take a few minutes to fill out our
Inquiry Form and we will be glad to provide you free of charge an accurate price information, within 24 hours.

What is 1 "standard" page?

The so-called "standard page" is a page of source text of 2000 characters, excluding spaces. One such page has around 350 words, or 36 lines of 55 characters /line each.
Usually 1 standard page is a page produced on a classical typewriter at a line spacing of 1 .

When is my translation going to be ready?

Our normal processing speed is of 6 standard pages / working day / order / language and it includes all steps required by our Quality Assurance System.
For short translations, up to 6 standard pages we have a normal turnaround time of 2 working days.
However, for emergencies, please check with our
Express Services.

How can I reduce the costs of my translation?

Here are some useful hints in order to match your budget and also allow the translator to physically be able to perform the job.

First of all, select only those parts of the text you really need to have translated.

The material to be translated needs to be submitted to us in due time.

Any additional materials, terminology lists, glossaries, references you could provide may prove useful.

Don't ask for a DTP'ed version in case you only need the text.

To avoid additional deciphering charges, re-type hand-written or poorly visible materials, faxes, etc.

Choose us for any further translation you may need.

If I provide the translation, can you check it?

Yes, we can give the translation you provide a quick revision, a thorough proofreading or even a full quality check.